UEFA president admits the risk of the season if a restart does not happen by the end of June

[Aleksander Ceferin] UEFA president admits the risk of the season being ‘lost,’ as he outlines plans A, B, and C.

The governing body of UEFA has set up a task team to set up a potential calendar for federations to follow after the coronavirus pandemic forced all of its major leagues to suspension.

The UEFA president admits the risk of the season “would probably be lost” if it does not restart by the end of June at the latest.

The UEFA president says that the federation has multiple plans to follow up the season suspended by the coronavirus pandemic.

The president is uncertain and could not assure to end up this uncalled situation, and about how the things go up, and the global pandemic evolves.

“Nobody knows when the pandemic will end,” he told Italian daily La Repubblica. “We have a plan A, B, or C: to restart in mid-May, in June or at the end of June.”

“If then we wouldn’t be able to do any of these, the season would probably be lost. There is also the possibility of ending this season at the start of the next, which would then be postponed, starting a little later.”

“We’re in touch with the leagues, the clubs, there is a working group, and we’ll see what solution is best for all. We have to wait, like any other sector.”

“There is also the possibility of starting again at the beginning of the next season, starting the following one later.”

“It is hard for me to imagine all the matches behind closed doors, but we still do not know whether we will resume, with or without fans.”


The UEFA president admits the risk of the season, says at the moment there is no clarity as to whether the continental competitions will have their finals behind closed doors to the public, or not. It is not yet certain.

“It’s difficult to imagine all the games behind closed doors, but right now, we don’t even know if we will resume, with or without fans,” he said.

“If there are no other alternatives, it would still be better to conclude the leagues. I can say that I’m not thinking about staging the European cup finals behind closed doors.”

To now, In England, the FA already decided to declare the season null and void for non-League divisions below the National Leagues North and South.

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