Forget Playing India, “Top Four Teams Are Coming Over Pakistan”

Forget Playing India, “Top Four Teams Are Coming Over Pakistan”: PCB CEO. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Wasim Khan is hopeful that the top four teams are coming to visit Pakistan, over the course of the next few years. As international cricket in Pakistan continues to fill the empty grounds of a terror-sided country for almost a decade.

PCB CEO, Wasim Khan in a talk also advised fans to stop chasing the idea of bilateral series between India and Pakistan. As the series, between arch-rocked-rivals, is impossible in current scenarios of political table.

“We need to move on from this whole idea because whilst this current government is in place in India, the chances of bilateral series happening are dim. The BCCI have to get the government of India’s permission before they play Pakistan and that’s a fact. So, based on that and the current regime in power, their outlook on life and their opinions on certain matters including their views on Pakistan, it is highly unlikely that in the near future, Pakistan will play India…,” Wasim said while speaking to a local news channel.

Not to worry about playing India

“My message to fans and followers of Pakistan cricket is that we have achieved a lot so far and there is still a lot of hard work ahead, but, Pakistan cricket has a lot to look forward to without worrying about playing India,” he added.

Wasim is confident that the top four teams, the likes of, England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia will tour Pakistan in the near future.


“…We are looking forward to welcoming the top four teams including England in 2022 as we are South Africa in January 2021 and then New Zealand, followed by Australia in 2022 as well. We have two big years ahead of us and the MCC tour has paved the way for county sides to visit Pakistan as well. We are also looking to bring in tours by Asides in the future,” he said.

Top Four teams are coming to visit Pakistan

“With the four big nations coming over to Pakistan, without any disrespect to other cricket playing countries, I have to say that we deserve it as we have worked hard to make it happen. Cricket needs these tours to happen in Pakistan and the fans also deserve to see some of the top nations play cricket on their soil,” Khan said.

Pakistan is a cricket-loving country

CEO of Pakistan Cricket Board also sung hails of improved security, which is indeed true. The Sports Round Up panel learned about it, LEAs [law enforcement agencies] have done a great job to restore peace and stability in the country.

“We have already been offering the best safety and security as mentioned recently by Shane Watson who said that Pakistan is as safe as any other country to play cricket which is based on the fact that we had 40 overseas players here for 4 weeks during PSL 5. They have all gone back with positive experiences as having MCC and county players. That’s exactly what we want which is to change people’s perception of reality of what’s going in Pakistan. We are in a great place at the moment and we would like that to continue into the future,” Wasim khan said.

We hope cricket in Pakistan continues at the highest possible apex, and Pakistanis deserve it.