Nick Kyrgios Trolls Novak Djokovic With setting up a Twitter poll after his disqualification from US Open for the incident

Nick Kyrgios Trolls Novak Djokovic With setting up a Twitter poll after his disqualification from US Open for the incident
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Nick Kyrgios trolls Novak Djokovic, World No. 1, after his disqualification from the event for hitting the line-judge with a ball in frustration.

  • Novak Djokovic stunned the tennis world.
  • World number one was automatically disqualified for hitting the line-judge.
  • Nick Kyrgios trolls Novak shortly took on Twitter to set a poll.

The Australian tennis star, Nick Kyrgios trolls Novak and did not take much at all to make his opinion known following the Novak Djokovic’s drama at the US Open.

World No. 1 Djokovic shocked the tennis world after a moment of frustration saw him swipe at a ball in anger and hit a line-judge directly in the throat.

Djokovic, the clear and strong favourite to register the US Open on his name this month, was automatically disqualified as a result of his rash swipe.

Nike Kyrgios trolls Novak Djokovic

One would not be surprised to see Nick Kyrgios with his own set of ideas on the same.

Here is How Nick Kyrgios trolls Novak Djokovic tweeted shortly after the incident at US Open:

“Swap me for jokers [Novak Djokovic] incident. ‘Accidentally hitting the ball kid in the throat’ how many years would I be banned for?” Kyrgios asked on Twitter, giving fans the option of answering five, 10 or 20 years in a poll.

Many might argue that Nick has been at the receiving end for multiple on-court violations and activities in his career. Despite that, his point can’t be ignored about the incident.

In his defence, the Serbian Novak Djokovic had tried to reason his way through after profusely apologizing to the line-judge whom he hit by the ball on the throat.


However, courtesy of the Grand Slam rulebook which says:

“In all cases of default, the decision of the referee in consultation with the Grand Slam chief of supervisors shall be final and unappealable”, Djokovic was almost immediately disqualified for the incident.

Novak Djokovic slammed over US Open Controversy

After the incident, Instead of facing up to the incident in the press, the 17-time grand slam champion and number one ranked got in a car and drove-off straight afterwards, which did not go well for experts and for fans.

“Unfortunately he’s compounding the error. He needs to face up to it, apologise and accept he made a mistake,” former British star Tim Henman took charge on Djokovic on Prime Video’s coverage.

“By, in essence, running away, it’s going to go on longer.”

On stance, another British star Greg Rusedski agreed with Henman’s point. He, on Twitter, insisting Djokovic needed answer questions about the incident.

“This was the correct decision under the rules regardless of intent or not. Novak should have stayed for the press conference & apologised,” he tweeted.

“We must take responsibility for our actions no matter how difficult the situation is.”