Tennis star Serena Williams amongst Instagram top earner with Messi and Ronaldo on the chart

Athletes around-the-world maintain their social media accounts active and attractive, it is not always because of doing a part in social activities, but rather, it is about earning extra money from those accounts of social media, especially Instagram where stars from different sports earn millions of dollars. However, Tennis Star, Serena Williams amongst Instagram top earners who earn in millions through social media accounts in their turn.

Research has been conducted recently to find out Top-Earners from Instagram. The frame which was used to attain the results was of two-months, i.e, 12 March to 12 May. However, results from the frame ranked American Comedian, Kavin Hart, as the top earner in the category of celebrities.

Portuguese Forwarder, Cristiano Ronaldo who topped the list as an athlete on the list resulted from the time frame of two-months. Tennis Star, former World No.1 Serena Williams amongst Instagram top-earners through her account.

Let’s lookout on stats and figures of her earnings from the platform

By the frame, 23-time Grand Slam winner was not high on the spot as her fan can expect from her follower’s figure which is approximately 12.3 million, a very popular figure on Instagram.

Stats show that she did manage to make her way into the top-50 athletes who earn a lot through social media accounts, ranked 41st on the list. According to the conducted research, American Tennis Star Serena Williams earns $32,685 per post on the list.



Sports players earn when they are asked to sponsor a product by a brand through their social media accounts. Athletes earn millions of dollars through sponsoring the brand on their platforms. Serena Williams is known to share sponsorship material on her account.

By the way, she is majorly focused on her own business. Her business ventures include clothing and her investments in Businesses. That’s why it has been the reason that she is not making into the top-ten on the list.

As per the research, the list of top-ten athletes included all men rounding up-to 10, Cristiano with topping the list, followed by Barcelona Striker Leo Messi and PSG’s forwarder Neymar in top three. Further, American former Basketball player and sports analyst on the television program Inside the NBA on TNT Shaquille O’Neal and former English maestro David Beckham completed the top five of the list.

Looking into Serena’s followers figure on Instagram, she can go very high in the earring list by social media accounts, if and if, she considers social media as another source of income.