No one should talk about integrity in Pakistan cricket: Salman Butt

No one should talk about integrity in Pakistan cricket: Salman Butt. Salman Butt served a five-year ban from cricket in spot-fixing scandal back in 2010.

Salman takes directly on integrity in Pakistan cricket.

Salman Butt had served a five-year ban in a scandal of fixing back in 2010 touring England and leading Pakistan. Salman takes directly on INTEGRITY in Pakistan cricket.

“Integrity is not something which should be talked about in Pakistan cricket” 

He was broken up by the comments of Hafeez for saying that there ‘was’ need of those who had served spot-fixing ban in the national colours.

The comments were all set up for the Sharjeel Khan who is up for a comeback in the national team after serving a ban on fixing in Pakistan Super League.

“I really don’t understand why should anyone even speak on this issue and give his opinion because it doesn’t really matter. Bottom line is that only the ICC and PCB should be speaking on this as they make the laws,” Salman said.


“I know players who have been added to the team because of their connections and there have been several players who have made numerous comebacks without giving any meaningful performances. Are these things different from corruption? We shouldn’t even talk about integrity in Pakistan cricket,” Butt added.

However, Butt is making a come back into the national side by playing domestic cricket since completing, performed well but he is yet to catch the eyes of selectors.

“Punishment implies that once you have served the time, you should be treated like any other player. Where does their integrity go when they are in the mix and working with those people? Or when they endorse players because of their connections.’’

He called ICC and PCB to change their policies for the players who have served their ban and insisted that they should be treated like other players after the completion of the ban.

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