Ronaldinho’s prison does not surprise anymore. Why?

Ronaldinho’s Prison? Found up ‘drunk’ at Barcelona training, all in vain millions and ‘marrying two women at the SAME TIME’: that’s why it is no more surprise after a SPLENDID colourful life-career in football.

At his best, Ronaldinho was one of the finest, and the best ever played the game.

His skill was mesmerizing. It created a copy-paste culture in playgrounds and on pitches across the globe. His iconic ‘elastico’ move lives on years after and after his career.

The Brazilian won it all that was there for a footballer in his career on the pitch. On the contrary, off the pitch, and since being deemed surplus to requirements at Barcelona, it has been a far more unfortunate and dramatic tale play-on, one of near bankruptcy, fake passports, and, eventually, now a prison. It all went wrong for an iconic star.

He still has that cheering-smile after all that.

But when he started walking away from Lionel Messi and Company there in Barcelona, scandal and criminality have followed his back like a shadow of his own body.

However, let’s take a look at his path after a remarkable career in Barcelona.

He found drunk turning up at training in Barcelona.

‘Ronaldinho and Deco came to training drunk,’ Hleb told V OKA TV.

‘That’s why Ronaldinho and Deco were sold in 2008. Because they [the club] were afraid that they would bring down Lionel Messi.’ 


He, after leaving Barca, joined up the then Italian giants: The AC Milan.

A £25million move to AC Milan proved welcome for all parties after relations soured in Catalonia. It was reported that he had rejected a switch to Manchester City, and so interest remained high.

At AC Milan, his sparks were not all shining at his best.

‘The decline of Ronaldinho hasn’t surprised me,’ Carlo Ancelotti, his manager at the San Siro, once said.
‘His physical condition has always been very precarious. His talent, though, has never been in question.’
Then once again, the game excellent kept aside.

From his way stops, rejecting Blackburn, slapped with a fine of around £1.5m in a property farce, setting up to marry two women simultaneously, Barcelona cut ties into becoming a prisoner.

The story tall continues up in the life of star Brazilian.

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