Roger Federer is not even the Second-best in Tennis history, said Pat Cash

The former Wimbledon champions speak up about Swiss star and did not pick him even the second-best in the history of Tennis.

The world of Tennis considers Roger Federer as the GOAT of the game. The career of Swiss star is full of championships, titles, honours, and colours. When he plays, Tennis plays; when he goes; Tennis goes.. courts are the witness of his illustrious career soon far, as the Swiss star owns the biggest fanbase in the sport. The tennis courts are brimmed all because of Federer magic, but experts, on the contrary, thinks the ambassador of Tennis is not the best player.

The ambassador of Tennis is not the best!

In recent, 1987 Wimbledon champion, Pat Cash spoke about him as being behind his arch-rivals on pitch Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in a one-on-one. He compared Swiss based on stats against Novak and Rafael, whereas, the ambassador of the game is on the back foot in this area of his illustrious and glorious career.

In stats, the Swiss star owns the ratio of 40:60 against Serbian and Spanish in this domain. Therefore, the Swiss star loses edge in the debate of GOAT when it comes to stats against Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in his career, hence objectively, an inferior head-to-head pushes Roger Federer on the back foot in the debate.

“Everybody says Federer is the greatest player of all time, but he’s not even the second greatest player of all time. That’s hard to believe. Like, if you are the best of all time, you should at least have a head-to-head record against your number one rival or number two rival. Surely, that would be the very first factor, I would say,” Wimbledon champion, Pat Cash told UBI Tennis in a talk.

The headline of the news

“Roger Federer has been old school” – Pat Cash considers Roger Federer as ‘been old school & not worthy of being called the GOAT.’

Further, during the talk, he added about the balletic style of Swiss in the game, and did effortlessness he brings into the play is all in all peerless. Yet again, the Wimbledon champion thinks Roger Federer is not even the Second-best in the Tennis History. He adds that Roger Federer is not looking great on certain surfaces, as his style of the play belongs to Tennis’s ‘old school.’ Hence, objectively, slow on surfaces when it comes to
certain assured situations in his game.

“Now, as a shotmaker, I would say, he’s the greatest player I have even seen. In shotmaking and movement and everything else. But in court surface and many ways, he has been little old school,” The Wimbledon champion added.


At present, the GOAT widely considered by the major part of the tennis world. Roger Federer, World Number four, holds a remarkable and illustrious record on the horizon of his magical career, but, yet again, Pat puts Serbian above him as he thinks Novak Djokovic will break all the records on the way.

“He has developed a more attacking game. And slow surfaces and heavy balls don’t suit him. It’s phenomenal for that record he has but, Djokovic has the best record of them all and is closing in,” he concluded.


What if, if we talk and look over stats on the debate!

The Stats say when Roger Federer was on the path of absolute dominance in his game, Novak was at the beginning of his level to enhance.

The Stats do enlighten the fact: Roger won 12 Grand Slams even before Novak lifted his first Grand Slam in his career.

The utter dominance of Swiss is on one side, the current winning machine Novak on another side. At present, stats differs both the GREAT players, but we have to wait until the very end of both legends to make a point.

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