“Rafa and I have never lost the passion”-Roger Federer addressed the graduating class at Rafa Nadal Academy

Swiss star addresses the graduating class at Rafa Nadal academy of Tennis about his and Rafael Nadal passion.

With everything locked down in around-the-globe, sporting calendar screwed up from playing, players are quarantined with following SOPs in order to fight Coronavirus, the uncalled calamity stopped students of graduation from throwing their caps in the air and cheering their graduation at Rafael Nadal academy this year.

Graduation Ceremony

However thanks to the advancement of technology, the virtual environment was created in schools for graduating class of 2020, and Swiss star,.Roger Federer was invited as the chief guest of the graduating ceremony to address the newly passed-out students.

“Hello everybody at Rafa Nadal Academy. Many congratulations on everybody who graduates today. I wish you all the very best for the future,” Roger Federer addressed the graduating class at Rafa Nadal Academy.

“For those who go on and play professional tennis, you know what it takes, a lot of hard work and never forget to have fun, that’s the most important part.”

Former World No.1 continued to talk about the endless passion and energy of his friend Rafael Nadal and he himself for the tennis. Hard-working, passion, energy and tireless work make all the difference.

The graduating class of 2020 are passing out in the midst of pandemic and the uncalled situation on the world will all things blocked, yet they would get motivation from the limitations the world has now. They would surely bring the change!

“Rafa and I have never lost the passion for what we are doing; there will be some rainy and tough days but, there’s always a silver lining. The sun will come around eventually. Just make sure to keep on working hard,” The former World No.1 Roger Federer addressed the graduating class at Rafa Nadal Academy.

He praised Rafael Nadal as ‘champion’ during his address.


“Rafael Nadal is such a champion in so many ways”–Roger Federer

The talks of Swiss star and World No. 4 is incomplete if he does not praise his heavy-weighted-friend Rafael Nadal.

“For those that the tennis dream never worked out, I’m sure you had a great learning experience at the Academy in school. I hope you have learned a lot from Rafa, he is such a champion in so many ways,” Roger said.

Roger praised just like always he commented on Rafa. “he is very humble”–Roger

“He is very humble and you should always be kind to others. You are only as strong as your team. I hope you go on and have an enjoyable and successful career in whatever you are doing. You will look back at these days at the Academy as some of the best days of your life.” The Swiss star, World Number four Roger Federer concluded his speech by wishing them luck and sent greetings to Rafael Nadal and his family.

Later, the Spanish star expressed his gratitude to his friend Roger Federer.

“Thanks, @rogerfederer for this message! As always top.  Very much appreciated by all of us,” the Spaniard tweeted.

Later on, the Swiss star revealed his retirement plans and expressed the wish to coach at Rafa Nadal academy.