Rafael Nadal contradicts his own statements on the ATP-WTA merger

Rafael Nadal contradicts his own statements on the ATP-WTA merger

Rafael Nadal was among the biggest names to support the ATP-WTA merger idea posted by Roger Federer. He said that this was something that was under discussion already between the two tennis stars to talk about the merger.

The idea of the merger has originally plotted by the Swiss star Roger Federer to overcome the current situation.

Rafael Nadal had displayed a great degree of agreement towards this idea. His comments clued an impression about repulsion towards the idea as well as a fair deal of ignorance.

He contradicts his old statement of merger and said:

“Why? I don’t know. I don’t get the point. Why is it a stronger product, I don’t know. Maybe and some people not… I don’t know, I don’t have the whole information to know if that’s a stronger product or not stronger product.”

Rafael Nadal believed the subject of his talk was taken in another way.

“Who knows. You need to take analysis. I am not the right person to answer that because I don’t have the whole information. You have to ask the tournaments, you have to ask the ATP, you have to ask the ITF, you have to ask the WTA. They have much more information than what I have.” 


However, his last stand on the merger took another route forward and completely shown ‘great’ disagreement on the idea. He said any talk on Men or Women could take him land-in-issues; the better way is to keep calm and on.

“Is a very sensible thing today in this world talking about men or women. We arrive at one moment that you even can’t have an opinion because anything that you say is going against you. I will not be the one to tell you anything at this moment, you know.”

It is yet to be known why Nadal changed his stance on the idea, many reasons are coming out and are taken to be the actual reason behind his contradiction about the idea.

Although, the idea ‘to merge’ is the need for the time which does have long-term benefits for the game in the future.

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