Nick Kyrgios rejects Swiss star note to merge ATP and WTA

“We should not merge”, Nick Kyrgios opposes Federer.

Controversial tennis star Nick Kyrgios has voiced his concern with Roger Federer’s idea to merge ATP and WTA to form one super governing body. 

Since the early 1970s, the ATP and WTA have ruled over their own side of tennis, apart from the four Grand Slam events.

The coronavirus pandemic outbreak is set to cause all sorts of problems for players and tournaments when the action gets back, and Tennis back to ‘normality’.

To cover the expected problems on the horizon the swiss star and 20 times grand slam winner noted a solution to rule in, to avoid the issues. Federer has suggested merging ATP and WTA – sparking a broad debate on social media. 

The swiss took on Twitter and tweeted: “Just wondering… am I the only one thinking that now is the time for men’s and women’s tennis to be united and come together as one?” 

Nick Kyrgios, who is renowned for his outspoken views, is against the merge of the two governing bodies.

Kyrgios responded “yes” – claiming Federer is the only one who thinks the idea he suggested is a good one. 

But the world No 2 Rafael Nadal came in the zone by his weight behind the Swiss star.

The Spaniard on Twitter: “Hey @rogerfederer as you know per our discussions I completely agree that it would be great to get out of this world crisis with the union of men’s and women’s tennis in one only organization tennis ball.”

Kyrgios replied to social media later on to tweet: “Did anyone ask the majority of the ATP what they think about merging with the WTA and how it is good for us?”


And in a separate message, he wrote: “We shouldn’t merge.”

So the route goes on and turned into a social media long-wide debate.

Later, Federer shaped things up, and he explained: 

“I am picturing a merger between the WTA and ATP.”

“I am not talking about merging competition on the court, but merging the 2 governing bodies (merge ATP and WTA) that oversee the men’s and women’s professional tours…”

“It’s too confusing for the fans when there are different ranking systems, different logos, different websites, different tournament categories.”

“It probably should have happened a long time ago, but maybe now is really the time.”

“These are tough times in every sport, and we can come out of this with 2 weakened bodies or 1 stronger body.”

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