Top 10 NFL Power Rankings in Week 6: Seahawks overtakes Chiefs

Top 10 NFL Power Rankings in Week 6: Seahawks overtakes Chiefs
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Top 10 NFL Power Rankings in Week 6: Seahawks overtake Chiefs with Steelers close behind. Week 5 in the NFL was the typical roller-coaster ride for the 2020 season to open the second quarter of the season. The mighty Super Bowl 54 champion Chiefs lost, leaving an appropriate five undefeated teams.

That also opened the door for the most impressive NFC power to take the top spot and one AFC threat to also get closer to flexing on the rest of the league. On the surprise side, the Browns and Raiders asserted themselves as legitimate AFC playoff contenders with big wins, too.

Unfortunately, on the downside, the injury-riddled Super Bowl 54 runner-up 49ers took a hit, right below Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. Here’s how top 10 NFL Power Rankings teams in the NFL stack up against each other in Sporting News’ latest look at the league’s hierarchy going into Week 6:

Top 10 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Seattle Seahawks 5-0 (last week’s ranking: 2)

The Seahawks have some guarded issues, that is without a doubt, however who doesn’t in the NFL in 2020? However, they’re actually making a lot of large plays in key occasions and in any event, when the offence has an “off night”, ensured NFL MVP Russell Wilson makes it fabulous one at long last.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 4-1 (1)

The Chiefs didn’t profess to be amazing with Patrick Mahomes and takes no.2 in top 10 NFL power rankings. Now and then he doesn’t have each answer with his arm and legs for another group making enormous pass plays and running all over Kansas City’s safeguard. Be that as it may, moving the misfortune removes some weight and furthermore prompts a laser-pulled together group for when inevitably everything includes significantly more at the end of the season games.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-0 (6)

The Steelers takes no.3 in top 10 NFL power rankings. They needed to offer some kind of reparation for their physical issue wreck of a season finisher less group when they had a tip-top safeguard and very little else. Ben Roethlisberger is back on a mission, re-outfitted with more weapons and a solid, viable running match-up with James Conner. Pittsburgh is beginning to show scarcely any shortcomings as it redevelops into a total competitor.

  1. Baltimore Ravens 4-1 (3)

The Ravens’ experience had no difficulty tearing into the Browns, Texans, Washington and Bengals. By and large, the Cleveland triumph looks significantly better, however, there are a few things the Ravens actually could be improving unpleasantly with Lamar Jackson and protectively with their back seven ability as winning the AFC North is harder this season

  1. Buffalo Bills 4-0 (4)

The Bills have seen their Week 5 game move to Tuesday and their Week 6 game move to Sunday. Beating the Rams and the Bandits consecutive have cushioned the resume pleasantly with Josh Allen balling out in top 10 NFL power rankings. Simply envision how high they can wind up should they beat the Titans and Chiefs.

  1. Green Bay Packers 4-0 (5)

The Packers delighted in a bye week realizing Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones have unlimited oversight of their offence and there’s some guarantee for their safeguard, capable in a few zones, to make something happen. They can’t stand to ease up with the Bears discovering approaches to win.


  1. Los Angeles Rams 4-1 (8)

The Rams continue moving alongside Aaron Donald controlling improved protection, staying with the running match-up and getting ideal huge plays from Jared Goff. They’re back to battling the Seahawks in the division with the 49ers blurring quick

  1. Tennessee Titans 3-0 (9)

The Titans haven’t played a game in forever, it seems like. But they’re still undefeated because of a familiar formula of running Derrick Henry, play-action passing and good situational defence and spotted at no.8 in top 10 NFL power rankings. That defence is a growing concern, however.

  1. Cleveland Browns 4-1 (12)

The Browns’ loss to the Ravens in Week 1 seems like a long time ago that the lost a game. They’ve found their run-heavy formula to win games again, right on the track and surprise, it’s also getting better play out of Baker Mayfield in the passing game and more inspired rested defence as a result. Kevin Stefanski and Joe Woods have succeeded at bringing back winning, complementary football to Cleveland.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2 (7)

The Bucs had an ugly one-point loss at the Bears with some dysfunction involving penalties, blocking and tackling in their show up against Bears. Albeit that, they spotted at no. 10 in top 10 NFL power rankings. They need to fix plenty more to lift Tom Brady because he’s doing the best he can to lift them.