Patriots-Broncos postponed; Tennessee Titans facility shut down again

Patriots-Broncos postponed; Tennessee Titans facility shut down again
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Patriots-Broncos postponed; Tennessee Titans facility shut down again after it was reopened. Coronavirus continues to corner things, screwing up sporting calendar across the globe, like this time the deadly virus hit the scheduled matches of NFL week 5, particularly Patriots match to be rescheduled, and Tennessee Titans facility shut down as well.

Patriots-Broncos match postponed

The New England Patriots’ facility for the team was shut down Sunday morning after another positive test recorded, and their scheduled Monday night game against Denver in Foxborough, Mass., has been postponed and will be rescheduled a second time, it is increasing the possibility of a Week 18 being added to the schedule, as per multiple reports coming over.

Nashville, Tennessee Titans’ staff member tested positive

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — After two consecutive days of negative test results on the card, a member of the Tennessee Titans’ team staff tested positive for the coronavirus Sunday morning.

“This morning we learned that a staff member tested positive. We have temporarily closed our facility and are in communication with the league on the next steps,” a team statement over a staff member positive for COVID-19. 

Tennessee Titans facility shut down

The Titans had reopened their facility Saturday after it was closed for 11 days, but a staff member tested positive Sunday. Tennessee is slated to play a rescheduled game against Buffalo on Tuesday night.


The Titans have now recorded a total of 24 positive test results. Sunday’s positive test of a staff member was the 11th for a staff member tested for Coronavirus. A total of 13 players Of Titans have tested positive over that span from September 24, Sunday and on.

While the Titans have made changes to their reserve players lists, as Titans removed offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson and defensive back Greg Mabin from the reserve/COVID-19 list Saturday and returned to their facility on Saturday for the first time since Sep. 29.

“I, along with the players and staff, would like to tell you how excited we are to be back in the building to continue our prep for Buffalo,” Titans coach Mike Vrabel said Saturday.

Tennessee’s game against the Buffalo Bills was moved from Sunday to Tuesday. That game is now in snafus situation due to uncalled situation.