Patrick Mahomes Contract Extension of 10 years under some bold predictions

Patrick Mahomes Contract Extension of 10 years under some bold predictions
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Patrick Mahomes Contract Extension of 10 years under some bold predictions. The 2018 NFL MVP award winner signed 10-years extensions with Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Patrick Mahomes contract extension.
  • 12 years of his career and bold prediction from an expert.
  • Future challenges for Patrick.

Patrick Mahomes Contract Extension

In 2019, Kansas City Chief’s fans were out of misery, when Patrick Mahomes helped them win the Super Bowl LIV in Miami. In winning, they had ended the long-waited thirst of winning the title of Super Bowl LIV after 50-years.

Pat ‘Showtime’ Mahomes orchestrated a stunning fourth-quarter comeback to claim a 31-20 win over Kyle Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers.

The 2018 NFL MVP award winner was rewarded with a mouth-watering 10-year extension of the contract. As per the latest revelations and news, Mahomes will earn up to $503 million in the next 10 years if he meets the performance-related clauses in his contract.

But there are many unanswered questions being in for a while about the massive Patrick Mahomes contract extension. So here is what an expert of NFL made his point very clear.

Colin Cowherd’s prediction for Kansas City Chief quarterback – Pat Mahomes

Colin Cowherd was first asked about how many wins will Pat average over the next 12 years with the Chiefs. “I’ll go with 11. Now, I think the Chargers and Denver have real defences and I think they both found their quarterbacks. You know, you look at Tom Brady and you go ‘What does Tom Brady average?’

“About 11 or 12 and that’s playing against really poor built franchises. So 11 wins over 12 years on average, that’s mostly winning your division every year and always almost making the playoffs,” Cowherd further said.


The expert did give his bold prediction on how many appearances of Pro Bowl will Patrick make until the contract extension ends.

“10 That’s the number for Brady and Brees, so 10. So I’m giving him maybe an injury year. You know, there’s a lot of talent – Trevor Lawrence, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson. Who knows what Joe Burrow is? Tua too. The AFC has really been, over the last couple of years, the inferior quarterback conference.”

“But by the end of next year that might not be the case because a lot of guys can sling it,” Cowherd added in the talk.

Colin Cowherd tips Patrick Mahomes to win eight AFC titles with the Chiefs in his time as he has is now there for another 10-years.

The popular sports fanatic further predicts Kansas City Chiefs to win eight AFC titles in the next twelve years. Pat Mahomes will face tough competition from reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens this year.

There is another debate about Patrick that how will he come up against emerging talents and how he cops to it, -it is yet to be seen in his future with Kansas City Chiefs. And yes, it will be worth to watch!