NBA Finals 2020: Why LeBron James and the Lakers 2020 NBA championship is the storied Lakers’ most special one yet

NBA Finals 2020: Why LeBron James and the Lakers 2020 NBA championship is the storied Lakers’ most special one yet
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NBA Finals 2020: Why LeBron James and the Lakers 2020 NBA championship is the storied Lakers’ most special one yet?

LOS ANGELES, CA — When it was over at the end- when the Los Angeles Lakers had finally put away a full-stop show, dangerous and worthy Miami Heat team 106-93 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night – MVP finals LeBron James and his teammates were finally 2020 NBA champions, a well fought-run for the Lakers, a worthy of the occasion.

Lakers—They hugged, danced, cried…

LAKERS  — They danced. They hugged. They cried. They drank. They drank some more. And perhaps, when the rush recedes and the joyous high of crowning themselves the champs gives way in the days ahead to a quieter thoughtfulness — perhaps it will strike each of them, in their own way, why they may have just won the most impressive championship in Lakers history.

The LA Lakers now have 17 NBA titles, tying Celtics

The LA Lakers now have 17 NBA titles in their trophies cabinet, this ring of the championship after a decade is tying the Boston Celtics for the most in league history, and each of those had its own beauty, its own special meaning. But this one right here, in 2020 — earned the year of Kobe Bryant’s death and of deadly COVID-19’s hold on all of us, from a bubble in Orlando watched by many of us who feel trapped in our own upside-down lives — has many ways in which it can lay claim to being the most special. This year championship means something more, more different than usual, more up-downs, and whatnot.

Why does it mean more? Let’s start with LeBron James, whose greatness and absolute class, yet again, was on vivid and magnificent display as he has always been, especially in Finals. He helped close out his former team. This stats suggest a 28-point, 14-rebound, 10-assist night that spoke to all the ways his presence alone is a receipt for greatness. And he undoubtedly, deserving one who claimed another Finals MVP award, making him the only player in history with three Finals MVPs for three separate teams, and one of only two players with four or more.

Now, — waits for another likely consequence for the winning team: Lakers officials believe, with this win, whatever 1 to 5 per cent chance there was that Anthony Davis would leave snaps to zero. He is likely here to stay, giving this ring a possibly self-creating power to bring about more, perhaps many more, for LeBron in the years ahead.

“I just want my damn respect!,” said LeBron

And speaking of Anthony Davis: Final MVP LeBron said after the win, “I just want my damn respect!” Well, he’s got it, but he could have been speaking for his superstar teammate. Since Davis’ choice to constrain out of New Orleans, the discussion of what he could or couldn’t do at the end of the season games, his own notoriety and game being decided under the heaviness of what is normal as a Laker and as LeBron James’ partner – everything goes to his very own recovery story.

This championship is a career turning-point for Anthony Davis, recalibrating his place in the game in ways that will impact his legacy, his place in the game, and perhaps his playoff performances in the years ahead.


This championship also validated the hiring of Frank Vogel, who was largely panned here in L.A. While fans here waited for him to be fired and replaced by his assistant, Jason Kidd, Vogel quietly went about winning over LeBron, by implementing a defensive approach that brought new strength into the team.

Ten years after the last Lakers championship — and seven years after Jerry Buss’ death — the purple and gold reign again.

The championship is the storied franchise’ most special one yet

These significant events to this title – LeBron’s case to GOAT status, the approval of A.D’s. dynamic, how this sets the Lakers up going ahead, Vogel and Pelinka win, Jeanie Buss’ own and expert triumphs – are spokes on a wheel associated with the one thing that moves these Lakers win to another level, to something passionate, something past games, something practically otherworldly.

Kobe Bryant’s demise, and the passing of his girl, Gigi, last January stays crude here. In a time of repulsions, it was, and is, something that actually carries tears to the eyes when talked about in Los Angeles, and presumably past it. These all make this championship amazing!