NBA should scrap the season, says Shaquille O’Neal amid COVID 19 outrage

NBA should scrap the season, says Shaquille O’Neal amid COVID 19 outrage. NBA is keeping eyes on resuming the season, but yet the reschedule does not decide.

NBA season suspended amid Coronavirus earlier by the spreading of the virus in the USA, which emerged to be the real cause of force-suspension of the season.

As by now, the NBA is keeping eyes on continuing the season, but cloudy the restart. The resume of the season does not go and please people around as Shaquille thinks that,“ NBA should scrap the season.”

Shaquille does not please of restarting the season of which NBA keeping the door open to continue amid the Coronavirus pandemic, thigh still does not have go-on-signal to do so. Shaquille O’Neal had his say on the plan, he thinks that there is no point in trying to finish the season off.

“NBA should scrap the season,” the Hall of Famer and NBA analyst told the New York Post. “Continue to care about the safety of the players and the people, let the government figure out how they’re going to get rid of this thing forever. I hate hearing this statement, oh it’s going to come back, it’s going to come back.”

Although the NBA suspended their operating from 11 March due to the unexpected spread of deadly Coronavirus in the country, and the NBA has been on plans to do so. The suspended operating terns laid down to the work from home.

To date, the infected patients in the United States are hiking and crossed the 1.3 million mark with death toll terrifically risen to 78,000 death attributed to the virus.

It has been 2 months since the last live basketball match played, teams are looking different. Moreover, an expected or undeserving team could be given the title this season, should not the season be resumed.

Shaquille told about the winning team:

“Most of the time you could predict who is going to win a championship. Now, what if we come back and a team that wasn’t supposed to win-wins? There’s going to be an asterisk behind that championship, I think, personally, we should say, ‘OK, let’s just continue to worry about the safety of the people and the players, and we’ll see you guys in training camp,” he said to New York Post.

The season could be on moving without the fans if the situation remains unsolved.

Shaquille O’Neal says on the matter:

“If we try to finish the season with no fans, you still got to bring in a camera crew, you still got to bring in the trainers, you still got to bring in other people, What if one of those guys gets it? All it takes is one,” O’Neal said to the New York Post.


And playing games with closed doors, without fans, would be different, yet horrible

“I would absolutely play horribly with no fans, Oh my God. I would be the worst centre in NBA history because I need to feed off the energy of the crowd, I need to get my adrenaline boosted,” he said.

“You know how many games I won just by going into opponents’ arenas and fans look at me crazy? Every time I missed a free throw they laughed. I would go, ‘oh you think it’s funny? Watch this.’ I would definitely need that,” he continued on the matter.

By now, it is uncertain when will this calamity pass?! And fans the world go on comfort again, but the NBA is keeping eyes on the matter of resuming the play-on.

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