Rafael Nadal excluded historic Australian Open win from the top 3 moments of his illustrious career

It was a little surprising that the Spanish star did not add his famous Australian Open win versus Roger Federer.

  • Rafael Nadal went on live on Facebook.
  • Rafael Nadal excluded historic Australian Open win from the top 3 moments of his career.
  • The Davis Cup win in 2004 and 2009 Australian Open win in top 5.

Rafael Nadal World No.2 started his professional career at the age of 15. So in an illustrious career of almost 19 years, the Spaniard had great moments to cheer, in winning the titles. No shortage of titles and records Nadal has enlightened everyone with his tennis.

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has screwed up everything, so did with Tennis. In any sports, fans cheering at stadiums is very important for a team and for a player. The resuming of sports events see stadiums without fans present. So to get practising and keeping-in-touch with fans Rafael Nadal has gone live on Facebook, as part of his event called ‘get Rafa moving’.

Rafael Nadal on a live session

In the live session, Rafael Nadal answered some questions from fans and performed some skills the fans wished to see from World No. 2. He was asked one question regarding his top 3 moments of his career.

While answering in the live event, the first moment that came to Rafa’s mind was his first grand slam title in the 2005 French Open. His second moment was the enthralling Wimbledon final in 2008 versus his arch-rival Roger Federer and 3rd one was winning the US Open 2013, respectively.

“Difficult, I can’t say three but if I really have to choose three it probably would be Roland Garros 2005, Wimbledon 2008, and US Open 2013,” Rafa said in his live session called ‘get Rafa moving’ on Facebook.


In numbering his top 3 moments in his career, he did not add his historic Australian Open win in 2009. But yes, he added the 2009 Australian Open win against Swiss star Roger Federer and the Davis Cup win in 2004 in his overall top 5 moments of his career spanning of 19 years.

Top five moments

“And of course, Australian 2009 and maybe Davis Cup 2004 has been a very special moment. It was the first time I competed in the Davis Cup representing my country. Playing the final in front of 27000.” he added in a live session.

In a career of ups and downs, the Spaniard had great moments to cheer for himself, and obviously for his country. In his cabinet of ‘won-titles’, he has won the Olympic Gold Medal as well for Spain in his career.

As the season forced suspended by COVID-19 outbreak resumes, let’s see how many records he could make or break on the horizon of his magical career of 19-years.