The Undertaker in talks with Triple H for a new role

The Undertaker in talks with Triple H for a new role
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The Undertaker, one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, finally retired last month at Survivor Series 2020 after running a 30-year-long career with the company. It seems from around going speculations about his career that it is likely the Undertaker is now all set to begin the next phase of his career and help WWE nurture the Superstars of the future which is why The Undertaker in talks with Triple H.

The Undertaker in talks with Triple H

Triple H revealed on the post-show media call that he is in talks with The Undertaker about working with the Performance Center and NXT. He also mentioned how The Undertaker being around has helped everyone because of the vast knowledge and experience that he has after running a 30-year-long career with the company.

“Well, you know I can tell you this that anytime Undertaker is involved here, anytime he’s walked through these doors, everybody that’s here is better for it. They all come out of here with a different perspective a fresh viewpoint and you know, he’s one of the most knowledgeable guys in and that has ever been in the business. I believe, you know, myself I learn from him every time I’m around him.”

While the Senior Producer of NXT, Triple H further revealed that he has talked with The Undertaker about him working with the Black and Gold brand and the WWE PC and will be discussing more incoming 2021 about his new role with the company.

“He is looking now, I believe to move into the next phase of his life. We’ve talked a lot about it. It involves being here. It involves the future. It involves getting more into that. I would like to believe he has earned the right to take a breath off of his retirement for a moment and we’ve actually just touched base in the last couple of days and that is something that, coming out of the holidays, we will certainly be talking about in 2021, which is just one more reason to be excited about next year with everything else that’s happening is having him involved. I just can’t stress enough how impactful that will be to everybody.”

The Undertaker’s Final Farewell at WWE Survivor Series 2020

The Survivor Series 2020 marked the 30th anniversary of the legendary man The Undertaker with WWE. After seemingly announcing his retirement from WWE on the final episode of WWE Network’s ‘Undertaker: ‘The Last Ride’, The Phenom of WWE history had his final farewell at Survivor Series last month.

On final farewell, several legends of the game and WWE Hall of Famers were present on the grand occasion to see one of the greats saying goodbye to the game he loved and entertained people all across-the-globe. However, The Undertaker in talks with Triple H for a new role with the company. Let’s see what comes around for the legendary man.