Power Rankings of MLB: The Dodgers are No. 1 atop

Power Rankings of MLB: The Dodgers are No. 1 atop
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Every week, The Sports Round Up have opened up for Power Rankings conversation with a summary of what’s startling or out and unusual in this odd season. So this time, the Power Rankings of MLB are up, we should rather analyze shouldn’t something be said about the season so far hasn’t been amazing. That rundown isn’t as long.

We knew the Dodgers and Yankees could be predominant. They have not baffled. Los Angeles was No. 1 heading into the season, in spite of the fact that the Yankees replaced them for the best position a week ago. Be that as it may, with Walker Buehler finding his sweet spot, the Dodgers are back on top and appearing as though they may be there for some time.

Then there are the A’s, who we knew were going to be good and top in the league; the only question was whether it would take them a while to get hot. As we know, being a “second-half team” in a 60-game campaign isn’t helpful. With a quarter of the season in the books, it’s clear the A’s are not going to take their time reviving up their engines into speed. They enter a new work-week with the best record in baseball.

What else isn’t surprising? How about this – teams that have regularly ended up at the bottom of our rankings the past few years are starting to climb upward in Power Rankings. The Tigers, Marlins, Padres and Orioles — all of whom are at various stages of rebuilding processes – are winning ballgames in the early going of the 2020 season. In a short season with expanded playoffs, October baseball may be on the table for more teams than we think as usual.

So let’s start with the Power Rankings of MLB we have got so far in the early going of the MLB.

Power Rankings of MLB Top 5

  • Dodgers (2 last week)

The Dodgers have won nine of their past 12 games with a +29 run differential (65-36). The Dodgers’ home run streak to 11 consecutive games and extending in the process. Of those 11-won games, they’ve produced two or more homers eight times in the steak and those rank Dodgers at the top in the power rankings of MLB.

  • Yankees (1)

The Yankees didn’t have a great week to end, they ended with dropping three of four to the Rays while losing Giancarlo Stanton to a strained left hamstring injury in the going. The Yankees now seem a little more mortal at 10-6, and they’ll have to “get a little creative,” according to manager Aaron Boone, to find a designated-hitter replacement.

  • A’s (7)

The A’s sweep off a three-game sweep over the Astros to add another win in their longest by far of this season winning streak to nine games. The rotation has been as good as advertised, and the bullpen, viewed as less of a sure thing when the season began, has been a strength so far. Relievers have posted a 0.81 (3 ER/33 1/3 IP) during the win streak for the A’s.

  • Twins (3)

However the Twins have lost four consecutive games, Equalling their longest losing streak from the 2019 season, Power Rankings of MLB voting team clearly still has confidence in these Bombas to turn over everything in their side. Although their overall record of 10-6 is still very good, even with a sweep by the Royals.

  • Cubs (5)

The Cubs did not play on the weekend due to their scheduled series with the Cardinals being postponed, but they took the hiatus in stride, worked out at Wrigley Field and will resume their season. The Cubs are 10-3 and are the only team in the National League Central with a record above and Power Rankings of MLB voting crew placed them among top-five.

The rest of the field of 30

6) Braves (4 last week)
7) Indians (10)
8) Rockies (16)
9) Rays (6)
10) Astros (9)
11) Padres (8)
12) Reds (13)
13) White Sox (14)
14) Cardinals (12)
15) Marlins (27)
16) Phillies (17)
17) Nationals (11)
18) Mets (20)
19) Brewers (15)
20) Angels (18)
21) D-backs (21)
22) Orioles (26)
23) Red Sox (22)
24) Rangers (23)
25) Blue Jays (19)
26) Tigers (30)
27) Giants (24)
28) Royals (25)
29) Mariners (28)
30) Pirates (29)