“You Can’t Talk About Someone Like That” – Olympic Gold Medalist Marc Rosset defends Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic father spoke against Swiss star and recommend him ‘do something’ in a talk.

  • Novak Djokovic father criticized Roger Federer.
  • Olympic gold medalist Marc Rosset defends Roger Federer.
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Novak Djokovic’s dad said a ton of things criticizing Roger Federer. He said that he was terrified that Novak and Rafael Nadal will go past his record which is the reason he is as yet playing. Notwithstanding that, he advised Roger to accomplish something different.

Olympic Gold medalist Marc Rosset defends Roger Federer

Former Tennis Star and Olympic Gold medalist Marc Rosset defends Roger Federer and was upset about these remarks. Look at what he said.

In an ongoing meeting with Bluewin, Marc Rosset discussed numerous things. Something or other was about the remarks that Novak Djokovic’s dad made about Roger Federer.


The Olympic Gold Medalist said:

“From a general point of view, Novak Djokovic remains an enigma. By taking the chronology of the last days, there has already been the release of his father on Roger Federer which I find inadmissible. Even if you love your son more than anything in the world, you can’t take out stuff like that. If my father had said that, I would have come home and stuck a pie on him! You can’t talk about someone like that. “

The explanations that Novak’s dad made were probably the most disputable. A large number of fans were enraged and reprimanded him for saying something to that effect. Be that as it may, Federer never freely tended to these announcements.

Many would have imagined that Novak’s dad would not offer another questionable expression. Be that as it may, that didn’t occur as he offered another expression about what occurred at the Adria Visit.

Novak was confronting a great deal of analysis for directing the Adria Visit. Seeing this, his dad accused Grigor Dimitrov who was the first to test positive for the coronavirus. This additionally created a great deal of debate the same number of individuals requested that he not move the fault.

Plainly, he has been making plenty of remarks that are not being generally welcomed. What’s more, numerous individuals will trust that he won’t offer such expressions later on.