Manchester United are ready to support ole and agree to throw money for the upcoming transfer window

Manchester United chief executive promised that united will be ‘highly competitive’ in the transfer market to the shack to rocks, and admits that the club is not immune by the COVID-19 crises.

Reports are coming out as Manchester United are lined up to target Jadon Sancho and Aston Villa’s captain Jack Grealish before it went into lockdown, and recently linked up with the rumours of £200Millions after the doubt cast about his future in Tottenham Hotspur.

Chief executive and staff of Manchester United are ready to support Ole, he told that in the question and answers section; where he took a lengthy half on the moment.

His answers to the questions asked about united plans for the transfer window, and season start and of their manger is as:

“It’s always a top priority for us to strengthen the team and build on what Ole is very clearly achieving in terms of bringing us back to the top,” Woodward said. “But we’ve got to have clarity on what the future holds.”

“What will happen with the remainder of this season? What is the impact on next season? Is it behind closed doors or in front of fans? What’s the impact on broadcast deals, sponsorship deals? What’s the impact on domestic cups?”

“Also, we don’t yet know what’s going to happen with regards to the FA Cup – we’re obviously still in that in the quarter-finals. What’s going to happen to that next season if the season is truncated a little bit to squeeze in Premier League games? Does that have a knock-on on domestic cups? There are many, many moving parts.”

He further said, and fair up look on clarity in the club about future transfers.


“It is not necessarily going to be business-as-usual for clubs this summer. It feels somewhat inappropriate to see speculation about transfers for hundreds of millions in current circumstances. There’s a big disconnect between those stories and the economic realities facing football clubs in general.”

“Clearly it’s true we are fortunate to be in a strong financial position compared to many clubs, but we are not immune from the financial impact of what this virus is doing. I would say that once we have that visibility of a path through the crisis and coming out of the other side to relative normality then, of course, we aim to remain highly competitive in the market.”

“As I said before and I’ve said this many times, we remain committed to backing Ole to win trophies. That’s our core objective as a club.”

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