Manchester United are coming stronger after COVID-19 break to finish in top-four, Challenging Chelsea for UCL spot

Former Blues favourite Joe Cole thinks Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side are improving, but that Frank Lampard can get his team over the line.

Manchester United are coming stronger in the league as they screened the showdown after Coronavirus break, but Blues can beat them in getting UCL spot for the next year,  says Joe Cole.

Manchester United returned in playing of EPL action with a draw 1-1 against Spurs away, while Lampard’s eleven to play against Aston Villa later.

Chelsea, are currently at fourth in the league and are going for a Champions League spot, they can extend the lead over fifth-placed Manchester United with a win against Aston Villa at Villa Park.

French international, Paul Pogba made an impressive come-back in the league, but on the other side, Cole thinks that Lampard’s side has enough in the line to hold up the tough challenge of Champions League spot in group stages.

Joe Cole on Manchester United are coming Stronger and on Blues

“It’s hard because none of us has seen any kind of form, we don’t know what’s going on,” Cole said about that issue on BT Sport.

“You look at the logic and Pogba is going to be back fit for Man Utd. Bruno Fernandes will have settled in a little bit more. He looks like an excellent signing. They’ll be chasing Chelsea down.”

“The logical thing is Man Utd will come back stronger because they’ve got their best player back in Paul Pogba, but I think Frank’s got enough to hang on in there and nick that fourth place.”

“I know Frank’s a winner and he’ll be looking at the FA Cup as well. That’s vitally important for that club because over the last 20 years has been built on winning trophies and that’s what the fans want to see.”


The blues, are into the Semi-Finals of the cup and faces a tight-show-off against Leicester at the end of June on cards.

Casting eyes on the relegation zone

Coming back on Premier League, Cole drops his points on relegation zone of the league where the battle getting tight competition to go through for a team fighting.

Looking on the league points table, The bottom six are separated by just eight points, with three teams level on 27 points going into this weekend’s fixtures.

Cole thinks and backing blues to thrive, and said experience is the key at the other hand of the table.

“The managers have a real hire wire job to do, you’ve got to crack the whip to get the players fit, and any players in their squad who are a little bit fragile, or susceptible to injuries, they’re the ones that you risk losing,” he said in taking on BT Sport.

“A hamstring problem, a three or four-week problem now, that’s the season done. Managers have to get the right balance to get the fitness into the legs but also keeping them fresh enough so they don’t pick up any silly niggling injuries”.

“An experienced manager now is vital. If you get it wrong and lose two or three of your best players for a three or four-week spell, you really give yourself less of a chance of achieving your goal.”

The blues are favourite to go through for a spot in UCL, but they have to work hard to hold Manchester United at fifth-place to the end of the season. The arrival of Bruno Fernandes and the lightened show of Paul Pogba made a huge difference in the match against Spurs.

The show is adding up-to another level, the spot is on…

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