Logan Ryan will not be the part of Titans anymore, Bids a farewell on Instagram

What many suspected for a long time is now official. 

The move suspected by many others about Logan is now officially announced: Logan Ryan will not be the part of Titans anymore.

The announcement of breaking ways apart has been made by Logan himself on social media, and he is now a Free-Agent.
“My chapter in Tennessee has come to a close,” Logan wrote on Instagram, bidding a farewell to his team. 

Logan paid a warm tribute by showing a ‘great gratitude’ towards the fan.
“To the Titans fans: thank you for all the love. The energy and support this past season is what led to an epic run,” He expressed his emotions. 

To his teammates:
“I love you all. Bring a leader and earning you all respect is what meant most to me. Win or lose, we stuck together and backed down from no one”, He wrote. 

The center back has also announced that he will be moving to another team:
“… I’m looking forward to continue to play at an elite level for an organization that’s a great fit for my family and me. Everybody Stay Safe & Positive during these crazy times. 26 Out,” He wrote on Instagram. 

Logan Ryan Career at Titans

logan Ryan titans career
logan Ryan titans career

Logan Ryan will not be the part of titans, played 45 regular-session games for the Titans, preforming 251 tackles, defending 37 passes from opponents, and four interceptions at his time at Titans from 2017-2019. His impressive play came to place as a Titan when he intercepted former Patriots Teammate Tom Brady at the end of the AFC Wild card game and returned it for a touchdown to push Tennessee’s lead to a seven In a stunning showdown over New England in a postseason.


Since into the league with the Patriots in 2013, Ryan has made impressive 494 tackles, 17 interceptions, 11 sacks, and 8 forced fumbles, how Jack-of-all-trades he has been. 

His notable play, was a jack-of-all-trades for the Titans last season. He became only the third player since 2000 to finish with at least 4 sacks (4.5), 4 interceptions, and 4 forced fumbles in a season.

Twenty-nine years old center back has a ‘last card-to-play’ to get paid handsomely. Logan Ryan made an approx average of $10 million annually in his time in Tennessee.

Logan Ryan will not be the part of titans so he still has time to find a new suitor to get going. 

It will be cleared up ahead in forth, where the wind goes!!

Stay home. Stay happy! 

This calamity will pass!! 

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