LeBron James is hoping the resume of the NBA season 2020

NBA Star LeBron remains hopeful for the resume of the NBA season. With tension carried up by the Novel Coronavirus pandemic all across the globe, sporting calendars were screwed up, including NBA season as well. LeBron James, NBA star, said that he is hoping the season’s resume as the health and well-being will not be pushed into risk by the restart of the season.

The New York Lakers start, James LeBron in a talk, said that he is hoping the resume of the NBA season “Sooner than later.” The officials suspended the season on March 11 due to pandemic caused by the spread of Coronavirus, and a result of two players of NBA tested positive for the virus.

“Definitely not giving up on the season, Not only myself and my teammates, the Lakers organization, we want to play. There’s a lot of players that I know; personally, that want to play. And obviously, we don’t ever want to jeopardize the health of any of our players or any of the players’ families and so on,” James said.

He thinks of the pandemic, and its certain dangers caused already.

“This is a pandemic that we have no idea (about). We can’t control it,” James added.

Earlier, a group of players playing in NBA, met last week to talk about the resume of the NBA season. The president of the NBA players association of Oklahoma City Thunder, Chris Paul, was among the players to discuss the resume of the NBA season in a meeting. The group of the league’s highest-paid member calls the resume of the NBA season.

On the other hand, Adam Silver, Commissioner NBA, told players’ unions on May 8 about his plans for the future of the season within no more than four weeks. Yet, the NBA and Adam decide a lot of things.

That being in the air, that said, the NBA is keeping eyes on every possible way out to resume the NBA season. The league is considering every risk-free way.

“We’re seeing a lot of sporting events, UFC, soccer, we’re hearing baseball’s about to get going in a little bit, you know, I want to get back to playing. I love to play the game of basketball. I know how inspiring the game of basketball is. I know how inspiring sport is itself. As soon as possible, when we can get back out there, we’d love to bring the game of basketball back to our fans,” He said.


James and his team were atop when the season store pilot.

“I know we all miss it,” James said. “I’d be sitting here lying if I said we don’t.”

The resume of the NBA season is yet laying in the hill of uncertainty at present. Still, the NBA officials are figuring out a way out of these critical conditions which put a fear halt on its restart of the season in such situations.

Charles Barkley is also up for the resume. In a talk, he reiterated about the fate of the NBA, which needs to make a clear decision about the season 2019-2020 much sooner.

“We’re gonna make a decision in the next week, I’m 100 percent sure we’re going to play. I know my friends in Major League Baseball are going to play. I think that the hockey league is going to play,” Charles Barkley said about the NBA.  

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