Andy Murray on Tennis Update: Tennis will back in action in the last to normality

Britain Tennis Star Andy Murray says tennis will return late to ‘normality’ on the latest tennis update situation.

Major tournaments require competitors to travel from all over the world to one location, predicts former top-ranked player. 

Tennis will be in return to action at the very end after the world has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, former world number-one player Andy Murray said.  

The tennis calendar has been suspended since March, and the chaos will continue at least until mid-July, playing havoc with the schedule and depriving lower-level players. They depend solely on tournament winnings of the chance to earn a living. 

The former ranked-top said that tennis among those sports to be back in action after the COVID-19 cured. He said that on tennis update to CNN in talk.

“I would imagine tennis would be one of the last sports to get back to normality because you’ve obviously got players and coaches and teams coming from all over the world into one area,” Andy Murray on tennis update.

 The 32 years old former ranked-top, was targeting a return back in action to the tour at the Miami Open in March after completing his rehabilitation from another hip injury after the recovery from an injury.

“I would be surprised if they were back playing sport by September’s time,” he said. 

The virus has hard-hit Europe and the United States, the continue growing graph of patients, with thousands of people dying across both continents and over a million infected by the virus. 

Events scheduled in both the continents have been postponed. 


The tennis calendar has been severely disrupted by the spread of Covid-19, with Wimbledon cancelled, the French Open postponed until September, and US Open organizers said last week that playing the hardcourt Grand Slam without fans was a possibility, but highly unlikely.

The Britain tennis star on tennis update further said.

“You have to feel like the whole world working normally again and travelling normally before tennis would go back to especially the major competitions,” Andy Murray told CNN. 

The outbreak stunned every walk of life; so does the sporting events too. 

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