‘James LeBron may have been the best ever’: if he chose the NFL over the NBA

James LeBron is considered the second-best in the all-long history of the NBA but is seen as ‘The Greatest’ in the game’s history.

With the release of ‘the last dance,’ Michael Jordan’s stranglehold of that tag looks tighter than ever, So a question in the air:  would James have had a better chance to be the GOAT in NFL?

“I don’t know if there’s ever been an athlete in our league like LeBron James,” Doc Rivers said recently on the ‘Go Off with Austin Rivers’ podcast.

When Doc Rivers said that James LeBron may have been the best ever at NFL in its history if he had chosen to be there: “It’s funny. You’re right. I really believe if LeBron James played football, he might have been the greatest football player ever.”

Doc Rivers, Los Angeles Clippers head coach, is not the first to wonder about what James LeBron would have been done; in short, ‘the GOAT’, if he went out for his first love before becoming an absolute blast and phenomenon in the basketball in his time at College.

In basketball, he caught the world’s eyes on his level, but James LeBron may have been the best ever if he chose his ‘first love’. James LeBron spent two years playing football on the field. He played a game as a freshman at his young age as a footballer, a sophomore, and junior.

A glance at his footballing career: When his team, St. Vincent-St. Mary, held without a score on board in the first half, he was put in the third quarter of the game, and he finished that game with more than 100 yards, with our two touchdowns received.
In the following season, as a sophomore, James tallied 57 reception for 1,160 yards and 16 touchdowns as an all-state receiver.

Former Packers safety, Mark Murphy, told ESPN: “I’ve been around a lot of great receivers.”
He continued: “I tell people that I rate my top receivers — coaching, playing, or watching — as James Lofton, Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, and LeBron James.”

James LeBron recently revealed in a post on Instagram, saying that he wasn’t allowed to take in his senior year because of his teammates’ insuring and a wrist injury.
Didn’t even play my senior year (I wanted to so BADLY) because my boys wouldn’t let me, James LeBron said in a post on social media.

He posted that he was even threatened not to ‘step in,’ if he does, they will jump him.
“They said if I tried to step on a football field my senior year, they would jump (kick my a**) me every day of practice until I had enough!”

After all-that, James LeBron went straight into the field of NBA, playing 16 and a half-season, claiming 4 MVPs, including lifting three championships. Worth of the occasion, though!

James LeBron may have been the best ever as he was regularly compared to the likes of; Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham, with many believing he would have been replaced himself more at an NFL level than of NBA.


An NFL scout who watched James in school told SB Nation: “I’m not sure what we’d do with him except getting him the ball somehow.”
“He’s so big and imposing. Like a taller Antonio Gates. Having a guy like that in the red zone is almost a guaranteed touchdown.”

Put simply, James LeBron may have been the best ever.

“He could reverse field and just take it to the house,” McGee said of James. “He had amazing hands. He didn’t like running up underneath the ball. He liked it a little short, so he could jump up and go get it. That was the time Randy Moss was out, so he was all about jumping over somebody and taking it the distance.”

“There was stuff he could do at the high school level that my college teammates couldn’t do. The way he controlled his body in the air. His hands — and you see it in a basketball game — he catches everything with his hands. There’s nothing on his body. His footwork to make people miss was uncanny for a guy his size.”

Randy Moss, in 2009, told ESPN that he would have done better than Antonio Gates if he has come into the game: “I think LeBron could come in and do better than Antonio Gates.

“LeBron James is the athlete that comes around every so often.”

While the ‘GOAT’ on the sunset of his illustrious career in NBA, even though, towards lifting the fourth title, but his NFL career is to live on throughout and, of course, for most, one of the hypothetic decisions in sport’s history. But yes, James LeBron proved his worth in the NBA on all!

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