How one text at 2 A.M. led to the PSL 2020 postponement

Alex hales’ text at 2 A.M. postponed the mega event.

English batsman Alex Hales, who played for Karachi Kings in the Pakistan super league fifth edition, sent a message to Karachi Kings owner at 2 A.M. which has lead to cause panic and that led PSL 2020 postponement.

It is said that ‘a’ message sent from London by English batsman Alex Hales to Karachi Kings owner at 2 am caused Pakistan Super League PSL 2020 postponement on the day of the semi-finals, it has emerged.

The franchise owner of Karachi Kings has revealed in an interview with BBC that Alex Hales texted him about developing symptoms upon leaving Pakistan.

The Kings owner, in one-on-one on BBC’s The Doosra Podcast, revealed how it all-out and went out.

“It was two o’clock in the morning in Pakistan and we had a message from Alex Hales saying: “Boss, I have symptoms of COVID-19 and I think you should all get tested,” the owner said.


“I then got a call from coach Dean Jones saying he wanted to meet straight away.”

“We were all scared. If you have the symptoms, you have to be isolated. I was trying hard to get somebody to Birmingham to get Hales tested.”

“I even asked if my doctor from London would go to him but it couldn’t happen.”

“In the end, we had to get everyone in the team tested. All of them started panicking and we postponed the tournament the next day.” He added.

Alex Hales, upon leaving Pakistan, had the novel coronavirus symptoms and went into self-quarantine in London, but later on unpolluted that he had not tested. It remains poorly stated whether he did eventually take the test and what it’s the result was.

However, the mega event from the panic outraged by the text led to PSL 2020 postponement until the next notice.

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