Harry Kane stats this season make him better than Messi & Ronaldo

Few players on this planet of footballing world are as good at getting the ball in the back of the net as Harry Kane.

He scores goals with breath-taking ease and has created countless memorable moments in the attacking third in his illustrious career at Spurs and for English national team.

Looking back, there was a time when some experts of the sport, and even statisticians, believed Tottenham star forwarder Harry Kane was teetering on the brink.

Among those, a few claimed Jose Mourinho’s arrival at Spurs as a manager would be detrimental to Kane’s goal netting-habit. 

Kane, though, not for the first time, is proving his critics wrong, but also Harry Kane’s current stats make him better than Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi.

The man, who is still underrated by many, has so far directed the ball into the back of the net ten times in just nine appearances this season, while only seven were starts across all competitions.

It is not just about scoring goals, but also providing assists. The striker getting attention as now more people are beginning to realise just how good he is as a creator despite his goal-scoring habit, having seen him also notch eight assists. That’s tempting…

From past seasons, the 27-year-old only managed six assists in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 domestic campaigns combined, while in the Premier League alone he already has ‘SEVEN’ this year.

The 27-year-old striker, not only has he proved he can be a creator, he’s proving he can do it at an elite level while linking up with Heung-Min Son, whose role in the partnership should not be overlooked.

Looking onto Harry Kane stats… 

Harry Kane’s shooting: 2019/20 vs 2020/21 

Harry Kane stats in Premier League only


Goals – 18
Goals per 90 – 0.63
Expected goals – 10.5
Expected goals per 90 – 0.37
Shots per game – 2.71
Shot on target per 90 – 1.18
Big chances missed – 7


Goals – 5
Goals per 90 – 1.02
Expected goals – 3.9
Expected goals per 90 – 0.79
Shots per game – 4.4
Shot on target per 90 – 2.44
Big chances missed – 2

Harry Kane’s shooting out at target has, without an iota doubt of question, equalled up this campaign.

However, compared to the last season, in which he still managed 18 goals, he’s almost doubled the amount of shots he’s taking per 90 minutes, while the amount of these strikes on goal-target which hit the target have more than doubled.

Currently, in the season, no players are getting more strikes on target per 90 than Kane, while only Everton star Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane, Leeds’ Patrick Bamford, and Aston Villa’s Ollie Watkins have more expected goals than Kane (not including penalties in the numbers of those expected goals).

Meanwhile, Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, recently put pen on paper for a huge new deal, is well off Kane in all metrics of the game, but the Gabonese ace has only managed eight strikes on goal to Kane’s 24 this season.

Harry Kane’s creativity: 2019/20 vs 2020/21

Harry Kane stats in Premier League only


Assists – 2
Assists per 90 – 0.07
Expected assists per 90 – 0.08
Key passes per 90 – 0.84
Passes into the penalty area per 90 – 0.59
Shot creating actions per 90 – 1.84


Assists – 7
Assists per 90 – 1.42
Expected assists per 90 – 0.64
Key passes per 90 – 2.65
Passes into the penalty area per 90 – 1.84
Shot creating actions per 90 – 4.47

We are once again witnessing Kane’s great leap forward has been to an almost extreme level this season, or he has been continuously getting improved in all metrics of the game since last three years, per records and stats.
Most telling of the statistics above attached are the huge improvements when it comes to his passing skills, without even acknowledging his assists in the telling.

It’s truly impressive by the Spurs ace, and while it’s still way off the Premier League’s elite shot creator Kevin De Bruyne, who averages 8.6 per 90, he’s now far closer to the second and third best – Liverpool duo Sadio Mane (5.95) and Mohamed Salah (5.83).


Meanwhile, looking on European records, he also has three more assists in creating aspect than any other player in any of Europe’s top five leagues and only Bayern Munich’s star striker Robert Lewandowski (3.20) has more combined goals and assists per 90 than Kane (2.44). The Spurs star man is coming from asides of the stats.

He’ll surely have their tallies in his sights as he truly becomes an all-round elite forward.

Harry Kane’s defending: 2019/20 vs 2020/21

Harry Kane stats in Premier League only


Defensive third tackles per 90 – 0.17
Middle third tackles per 90 – 0.45
Final third tackles per 90 – 0.07
Pressures per 90 – 15.6
Successful pressures per 90 – 3.48
Successful pressure percentage – 22.3
Defensive third pressures – 0.80
Middle third pressures – 7.63
Final third pressures –  7.18


Defensive third tackles per 90 – 0.41
Middle third tackles per 90 – 0.20
Final third tackles per 90 – 0.20
Pressures per 90 – 14.3
Successful pressures per 90 – 4.69
Successful pressure percentage – 32.9
Defensive third pressures – 1.02
Middle third pressures – 5.10
Final third pressures –  8.16

England’s international is always ready to put in the hard yards, as shown against West Ham with two big blocks in the penalty area which shows how has he improved in defending area of the game, he’s getting better at putting more and more pressure and pressing opponents and is doing much more in both the defensive and attacking thirds of the pitch.

From stats above, we can clearly sit that working under Mourinho has clearly done wonders for Kane both on and off the ball and all concerned in north London.

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