Hafeez questions team India’s intent during World Cup 2019 in a match against England

Hafeez questions team India’s intent during World Cup 2019 in a match against England. Pakistani all-rounder joins English player Ben Stokes in raising points over India’s intent in a match of World Cup 2019 England VS India.

In a book of English all-rounder Ben Stokes, where he alleged Indian batsmen for not showing the intent of winning against England in World Cup 2019. After Stokes, Pakistan’s former captain and current players join him and raises questions marks on the approach of Indian batsmen. However, Hafeez did not blame team India for not showing winning-intent purposely, but he said he did not see a match-winning India’s intent.

Hafeez Sayings

“Ask any cricket fan; everyone will say India’s intent to play with the spirit was not there. I don’t know about the results and who went out because of that. We played good cricket, and we were out because of our small mistakes. So I can’t blame any result for that,” Hafeez said during a video conference organized by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

The Pakistani all-rounder said that he felt terrible for the captivating of sport, and questions India’s intent as a fan.

“But as a fan, if I see the match, I did not see the match-winning intent. I felt bad for the sport. The encounter factor was missing where both teams were playing to win. The mistakes we made, we failed to tick a few boxes in the 2019 World Cup. But as a fan, that is my opinion about that game,” The veteran Pakistani cricketers, Hafeez added.

From the book ‘On Fire’ reference of Ben Stokes

On record, earlier, English all-rounder, Ben Stokes published in his book ‘on fire’ blaming team India’s intent during the match. Especially, the purpose of MS Dhoni in a match against England in World Cup 2019. The Durham player questioned India’s intent especially Dhoni’s Performance during a match England versus India, where per Stokes, Dhoni took went for continuous rotating of strikes, instead of going for boundaries as always he does; he goes: he finishes.


“Arguably, the way MS Dhoni played when he came in with 112 runs needed from 11 overs was even stranger. He appeared more intent on singles than sixes. Even with a dozen balls remaining, India could still have won. There was little or no intent from him (Dhoni) or his partner Kedar Jadhav. To me, while victory is still possible you always go for broke,” Stokes had written in his book ‘On Fire’

On the other hand, the star player of England, stated about Indian duo of Virat and Rohit partnership in the match, saying about them that the duo took too long to build run-stand for team India.

The way Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli played was mystifying. I know that we bowled brilliantly well during this period, but the way they went about their batting just seemed bizarre. They allowed their team to get so far behind the game. They showed no desire to put any pressure back onto our team, content instead to just drift along, a tactic that was clearly playing into our hands,” the English all-rounder further published in his book.

However, there is not a single response to the book claims from the Indian team. Now, as the arch-rival of India; Pakistan’s player joins the claim and questions Indian intent of not-winning the match. Let’s see what happens next!!

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