Euro 2020 and Copa America are postponed for a year amid Coronavirus

Two of the prime events, Euro 2020 and Copa America, of the sporting calendar are suspended for a year due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Euro 2020

Euro 2020 Postponed amid coronavirus outbreak
Euro 2020 Postponed amid coronavirus outbreak

European championship was to kick-off in summer across several European countries.

With the increasing graph of Coronavirus in the world, it screwed down every walk of life; does the sporting arenas as well on the card. The outbreak forced suspension of almost every going-event in the world, including European Top-five leagues, UEFA UCL, UEL, PSL, IPL, NFL, MSL, and others too.

The European Championship, second only to the World Cup in importance and value in international soccer, postponed until 2021 for a year.

While after later, the organizers of the Copa América, South America’s continental championship, which was scheduled to start concurrently with the Euro 2020, announced the postponement of the event, moving their experience — set for Argentina and Colombia this summer — back a year.

Thus the two important football events Euro 2020 and Copa America are postponed.

The step-up by the governing body for football in Europe, UEFA will allocate the dates blocked, known as Euro 2020, and could allow leagues of different countries that have been suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak to complete their unfinished season.

“We are at the helm of a sport that vast numbers of people live and breathe that has been laid low by this invisible and fast-moving opponent,” UEFA’s president, Aleksandr Ceferin, said. “It is at times like these that the football community needs to show responsibility, unity, solidarity, and altruism.”

Copa America

Copa America Postponed amid coronavirus outbreak
Copa America Postponed amid coronavirus outbreak

Copa America was scheduled to play-off in summer this year. 

Later, the South American confederation that organizes the Copa América said they had made the decision to move their championship back a year to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, which is already present in several of its member countries. 

“It has not been easy to make this decision,” Conmebol said in a statement, “but we must safeguard at all times the health of our athletes and of all the agents who are part of the great family of South American football.” 

Although decisions of delaying have been made, they still must be approved by FIFA.

“Cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding must be the guiding principles for all decision-makers to have in mind at this crucial moment in time,” Infantino, the president of the FIFA, said in a statement. 


The decision to suspend the Euro 2020 and Copa America and all other matches in Europe came after a series of video conferences involving leaders from UEFA and representatives of clubs, leagues, and the global players’ union. Including club seasons that have been suspended midyear, officials appear to have ended their way that priority should be given to those domestic competitions and not to a quadrennial tournament that had not yet started- off. 

Shifting the Euro 2020 and Copa America back a year will have a series of effects on the international football calendar. Including the Club World Cup, the women’s Euros, which had been scheduled to kick-off for 2021, will now be shifted to 2022, according to a person familiar with the decision. However, the organization made no official comment on its future competitions.

“It was important that, as the governing body of European football, UEFA led the process and made the biggest sacrifice,” Ceferin said. “Moving Euro 2020 comes at a huge cost for UEFA, but we will do our best to ensure that the vital funding for grassroots, women’s football, and the development of the game in our 55 countries is not affected.” 

Although, euro 2020 qualifiers are postponed too in this regard.

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