U.S. Open final: Dominic Thiem comes back to win the fifth-set tie

U.S. Open final: Dominic Thiem comes back from 2 down sets to win the fifth-set tiebreak

Dominic Thiem marched back to beat Alexander Zverev for the title in a fifth-set tiebreaker US Open final.

  • Dominic Thiem wins over Zeverev in a fifth-set decider.
  • Zverev seemed in control of the match after early 2-0 lead, but could not hold Thiem at bay for long.
  • Dominic Thiem is the first Austrian player to have won U.S. Open Final.

Grand Slam tennis is back with a show of  Fifth-set breaker final.

In a stormy comeback from 2 down sets that seemed improbable and predictable, lost and then found a way into it, Dominic Thiem battled to the end to win the U.S. Open Final on Sunday night over Alexander Zverev, with the scoreline of  2-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (6).

Dominic Thiem battled to the end to win the U.S. Open Final on Sunday night over Alexander Zverev
Dominic Thiem battled to the end to win the U.S. Open Final on Sunday night over Alexander Zverev

Dominic Thiem, a 27-year-old Austrian tennis star, won his first Grand Slam tournament in his fourth major final. It actually took him a while to get going — in fact, almost too long — but Dominic Thiemlifted his first Grand Slam title, at last.

The Grand Slam win, which took more than four hours to be decided on either side, marks the first time an Austrian has ever won the U.S. Open Final in history; historical move prized for the 27-year old champion. Thiem is also the first to ever come back from two sets down in a U.S. Open Final (singles) to win, and more specifically, the first men’s Grand Slam winner who was born in the 1990s, as per stats.

Thiem comes back from 2-0 sets down

Zverev looked very much in control of the match early on Sunday, won two breakpoints and cruised to a 6-2 win in the opening set of the final.

Dominic Theim on the other side, avoided another breakpoint from Zverev to start off the second set, but he couldn’t keep Zverev at stay for long and fell into a 5-1 hole almost instantly.  Zverev closed the board of the second set 6-4, Thiem to chase 2-0 sets hole.

Theim finally had something to be hopeful for the title, and closed out a set in the third, winning 6-4. He took the next set 6-3, too, after Zverev made 12 errors, setting up the match for another set; fifth-set tiebreaker.

In the fifth set, the final shaped into a drama as Thiem tied up the fifth set 5-5 with an incredible shot, and then broke Zverev to take a 6-5 lead for the first time in the game he looked winner, other than top-three.

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After a perfect shot to take a 7-6 lead, Zverev’s return landed out to give Thiem the win — which sent him collapsing to the court in exhaustion after leading 2-0 hole in the beginning.

‘I wish we could have two winners today’, says Theim

Theim said: “It’s amazing how far away our journey brought us to share this moment with you, and really I wish for you we could have two winners today,” Thiem said to Zverev on the court after winning US Open title. “We both deserved it … You’re going to make it 100 percent. You’re going to make your parents proud, your family proud at home.”

After winning U.S. Open Final, the 27-year old took on twitter and said:

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