The Cricket sledging incident against Pakistan

The Cricket sledging incident against Pakistan

The Cricket sledging incident took place in 1989 during the Indian cricket team tour of Pakistan.

  • Kiran More revealing the Cricket sledging incident against Pakistan.
  • Salim Malik wanted to hit More.
  • The miandad-kiran incident.

The former Indian wicket-keeper Kiran More revealed the Cricket sledging incident against Pakistan during a match in 1989 and how Salim Malik, the former cricketer of Pakistan went after the Indian wicketkeeper. More said, the sledging incident between arch-rivals were heat-tempered and hilarious.

Salim Malik went after More

“Whenever an India-Pakistan series takes place, sledging happens. In Pakistan “when we went in 1989, I sledged Salim Malik in the Karachi Test and he came to hit me with the bat. I said to him a very nasty word in Punjabi because we speak the common language. Actually, it’s so much fun and I wish that there were microphones all around the ground because it will be hilarious for everyone,” More said on The Greatest Rivalry podcast about arch-rivals.

“Javed was playing his 100th Test match at Lahore. He came out to bat and Maninder Singh was bowling. Third or fourth over he was plumb leg before. It was a beautiful arm ball from Maninder and the ball rapped him below the knee roll. He said to me ‘why are you appealing. This is my 100th Test match, I am going to score a century and go home.”

Kiran More and Javed Miandad

To look back, the exchange of words and the flow of heat between Kiran More and Javed Miandad was not only one, but they had it in the past too. On a very interesting note: how can a match between India and Pakistan end without the heat-flared between Miandad and Kiran More? On records, The 1992 World Cup match comprises one of the most talked-about moments in the history of India-Pakistan cricket when an irate Miandad, frustrated with More’s excessive appealing, aped the India wicket-keeper.

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“We batted and got to 218 (216) but we thought that we were about 20-30 runs short. When we batted, we faced a lot of hostility from the Pakistan team on the field, they were saying a lot of things to us. So it was time for us to give it back. And I was the number one guy in the team, one who was given the license to go after them by the team management,” Kiran More said.

“So from the first ball, I started going after them. When Javed came in to bat, Aamer Sohail was batting along with him and they were doing pretty well actually, they had the game in hand. But I thought Javed was over-cautious, he stopped Aamer Sohail from getting into the flow and play big shots and that pressure was building up all the time,” Kiran added in the talk.

The high temperature has always been the must-put part between these two Asian titans of Cricket. Fans of cricket around the world love to see India-Pakistan clash. The Kiran-Miandad or Kiran-Salim clash are not the first one, and the last one. Fans will see more in future when they play.

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