Charles Barkley on NBA Championship ring

Charles Barkley says: “I Think Me, Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing Will Be Fine ”on being without NBA Championship ring.” Charles Barkley on NBA Championship ring thinks his life will not be incomplete if he doesn’t have an NBA championship ring to his name.

There is a long and huge list of the most talented and skilled players with having NBA championship titles on their names.

However, a possibility that some of them will go on missing from the list of champions. To back, the 90s produced few most talented and attributed stars who went on winning titles … titles.. on their name. Michael Jordan’s pure dominance with the Chicago Bulls who did not often lose a game. But, Charles Barkley thinks that it is fine to live without the NBA championship ring on his name.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that Charles Barkley was on of the most talented and most attributed players of that generation coming to the ring with Michael Jordan, but, indeed, he did not get that much front-spot which he beyond anything; truly deserved in his wonderful career. He tried hard to be on the winning side to make a ring of the championship on his name as he had moved to Phoenix Suns in hopes of winning a title.

His moving to Phoenix had proved some ‘fruitful’ as he out-run Michael Jordan in the MVP of the season by averaging 25.6 points and 12.2 rebounds to claim the prize, his performance led the Phoenix into the finals against Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

He, Charles Barkley had an all-out career, hence, one of the best in his time, but his cabinet of championship titles remained empty, and the only left and prized thing missing from his illustrious career. The 11-time all-star in an old talk from the 90s revealed how he and the other players who never lifted the titles going through life.


As quoted by Basketball network, the 11-time All-star says, ”I was sitting in my room quiet the other night because they were doing the “The Special” on me, Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing, about how our lives are so miserable and incomplete because we never won a championship. If you tell people, it’s not the most important thing they say you are defensive, and you’re lying. I love that everybody tells me what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling.”

The All-of-fame further continued and added by saying, “I just want everybody out there knows I’m going to be alright if we don’t win a championship. I’m not going to become like a mass murderer.” He even said “I’m not going to cut my wrists; I’m not gonna jump off a building in downtown Houston. I think me, Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing will be fine.”

The former star Charles Barkley only voiced his opinion about the concerns of others trying and figuring how he will be feeling on being the best at their Apex, indeed in his time, yet his cabinet is empty and his hands missing ‘lifting the title’.

The forwarder assured that he is feeling fine, even without having a ring of NBA championship ones on his name.

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