Carlos Moya on Rafael Nadal’s will to change something in his career slump

The inclusion of Moya changed the direction of Nadal in his toughest time in his career.

The inclusion of Moya in Rafael Nadal’s coaching team directly changed the move of Nadal, when he was going through the ‘worsen’ time in his career. The addition of Spanish coach helped Rafael Nadal out of injuries and out of the slump in 2015-16.

Inclusion of Carlos Moya

When the burden of injuries and directives got weighty on Nadal, many felt that the career of Spanish star will not go far, that time Carlos Moya addition in his coaching staff changed the perspective of Nadal towards game playing and its concentration as well. This has absolutely helped Rafael Nadal to achieve longevity in his career once his focus towards games changed and it was one of the main points where Moya helped.

The angle has completely changed since Moya’s serving in Nadal coaching staff. Carlos Moya talked to well-known presenter Annabelle Croft about those aspects which he helped to improve.

Carlos Moya talked about practices and his time with Nadal

As always, Roger Federer did praise the Spaniard for his humbled nature as same Carlos Moya did too.

He was humble enough to be aware of his weakness or face that he can improve,” Carlos Moya on Rafael Nadal.

“And that is the key. We had been telling him for one year that his serve has to be better but he was reluctant to change something. But then he was the one to say, ‘Okay, right now.’ Right after that moment, it was the time for us to step in.”

Moya did revel the way and methods they used to do in order to help Rafael Nadal.

“Being aggressive isn’t about hitting hard, it’s about positioning on the court as well,” Moya explained regarding the matter.

Being aggressive is more about having it in his mind that he can play a step closer to the baseline,” He said.


The main outcome: he said how he has helped Nadal in achieving desired and projected results after a slump in his career.

He was very keen to change his serve after one year when I was with him,” Moya revealed.

He was injured in his knee and he realized it was the moment to try. He tried it but we saw how he did not find a way to keep the same motion.”

“He was changing the motion every 2-3 months and he realized he needed to change his serve in order to be a better player,” Carlos Moya on Rafael Nadal.

“We tried to change a couple of things and he was feeling comfortable since the first moment.

“I think it paid off. I like to do 2 vs 1 drill for Rafael Nadal, where Rafa has to play two players. He is changing pace, changing directions. When you play tennis, it’s about changing directions to make the opponent run,” he explained.

The methods and practices were indeed helpful and turned out to be the ‘game-changer’ for Rafael Nadal in his time when he was going through the burden of injuries.

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