Adria Tour and World No. 1 criticized all-sided

Novak Djokovic and Adria Tour have been receiving flak from left to right since its opening.

  • Adria Tour and its consequences.
  • Novak Djokovic tested positive.
  • Immature and irresponsible by Novak.
  • Meeting held, Novak did not attend.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic evolved everything in its cruel shape, sports calendar was screwed up with. Everything stopped; postponed; cancelled; or rescheduled on the cards as well. Since all scheduled events were forced postponed due to pandemic situation in the world, Tennis events took a full-stop too.

Adria Tour

A green signal lightened up in tennis calendar which is by the name of Adria Tour staged in Belgrade amid to start tennis game, but it turned into another shake as it has been receiving flak from all sides due to pandemic situations. While the World No.1 Novak Djokovic is criticized for conducting the tour in this calamity. And after the news of positive tests of Grigor Dimitrov, Novak Djokovic and Borna Coric have increased people’s anger against the world No.1.

Bruno Soares, a 5 time doubles grand slam champion slammed Djokovic and Adria Tour organizers for conducting and arranging the tour in this uncalled crises due to COVID-19 in all around the world. The Brazilian was angry with the timing of the tour and the players’ antics after the tour matches. In a video Novak Djokovic, Alexander Zverev, and Grigor Dimitrov were seen partying at a nightclub in Serbia. Any care for social distancing or precaution was totally out of context. The video went on air in the platform of social media where everyone appeared partying was criticized by the fans and former players.

The anger of fans for Serbian and Adria Tour increased when the breaking news broke out as of ‘Novak Djokovic tested positive for Coronavirus’.

“Novak Djokovic showed irresponsibility and Immaturity,” says Bruno

The Brazilian, 5-time double grand slam champion slammed Djokovic and organizers and termed the action as ‘immature’ and ‘irresponsible’.

The summary of that for me is Freak Show.” said the Brazilian on the podcast Match Point.

In a worldwide situation that, no matter how good you are, even if it’s in the North Pole, with no case, you won’t go out partying, music show, crowding, and posting on Instagram.” The Brazilian added in the context.

The former champion is eyeing on the restarting of the tennis but said that the ‘horror show’ by World No.1  should end as it could create panic among people.


This event of theirs, although it was a completely different thing from what is going to be held in the United States, is causing a bit of general panic,” he said on the podcast Match Point.

While on the other hand, the Serb is the president of the player council of ATP, which means he has to be very careful regarding anything that could go-viral in the space of the air. Soares, the member of the ATP player council feels that Novak Djokovic should be more responsible than he is now.

Meeting held of tennis players

The Serbian did not attend a meeting that involved more than a hundred tennis player discussing the resumption of the game, but Novak Djokovic was attending the football match in Serbia.

Bruno Soaresalso hopes that the safety measure would be different in the US, should the game resume. As the Adria Tour was Novak’s aim, it should not affect the official tennis tours.

“It falls on him as a person, the ATP has nothing to do with it there. He organized the event on his own.” He said.

However, World No.1 kept calm throughout this mess of receiving flak. He defended his point by saying as it was according to the country’s regulations.

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